ag亚游手机版appag亚游手机版app-官方网站 1995年组建 , 1997年公司设立 , 连续23年专注进 口食品品牌运营。始终秉持 " 通过世界美食 , 让大众更时尚、更健康 " 的使命 , 致力于成为中国备受尊 敬的健康食品公司 。 ag亚游手机版app公司通过整合全球优质食品资源 , 全力打造 " 原装进口食品 " 的创新品牌发展战略 。 ag亚游手机版app公司在国内率 先开创进口食品品牌运营模式 , 通过与全 球知名的食 品制造企业进行紧密的 战略合作 , 致力于将中国美食品 牌与全球生 产体系进行嫁接 , 将全球的健 康美食和时尚生活方式带 给中国消费者 。

ag亚游手机版app Pinlive Foods Co., Ltd. Founded in 1995, established in 1997, holding the mission of “make people more fashionable and healthier by worldwide food”, and dedicate to become the most respected healthy food company in China, has been running business of imported food for 23 years. Pinlive works on the innovative brand strategy of “food imported with original packaging” by integrating premier global food resource. Pinlive is the first one who develop brand operation in China. Pinlive cooperate with well known global food producer closely, to link China food brand and global producing system, taking global healthy food and fashion life to China consumers.